Anita Brown

leadership for the lakeshore

Anita Brown promises to fight for interests of West Michigan’s 89th District in Lansing, but first she needs you to fight for her.

Are you in?

on the issues

Ensure mental healthcare

Focused on ensuring all healthcare needs are met, especially mental health, Anita’s actionable plans are built from years of experience working within the system.  

Justice for All Michiganders

Anita believes in fighting for equity in all circumstances, but specifically has plans to fight for underrepresented communities including women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ folx.

Educate for the Future

From Universal Pre-K to calling for a repeal of the 3rd Grade Reading Rule, Anita recognizes that prioritizing schools is detrimental to the success of our children and our state. 

Support our Teachers

Apart from Educating for the Future, Anita recognizes that Supporting Our Teachers is a separate issue. It is imperative that the State’s Education Budget is Teacher Oriented.

Protect our Environment

With failing federal action on the environment, Anita understands that we, the people of Michigan, must act to protect our Great Lakes and waterways.

Expand Pandemic Response

Months have passed since it’s beginning and the COVID pandemic still looms large in our future. Anita believes that the safety of our citizens is of the utmost importance, and has mapped out a clear, expanded pandemic response plan to protect our community.



for the


About Anita

West Michigan’s lakeshore has been my home for most of my life. I’ve worked in our businesses, local schools, and social services. 

And, I know.

I’ve witnessed the kindness, resilience, and strength of our community. I’ve worked alongside the best of our teachers, witnessed incredibly generous business owners come together to support other’s in crises, and dedicated my life to promoting the general welfare of our community. 

Because of this, I’ve also observed the challenges our community faces and our opportunities for growth.

I’m running to represent Michigan’s 89th State House District because our community deserves leadership in Lansing who understands.

the 89th district

our district consists of these communities along the lakeshore

Blendon Township
Crockery Township
Grand Haven
Grand Haven Charter Township

Olive Township
Park Township
Port Sheldon Township
Robinson Township
Spring Lake
Spring Lake Township

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